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Tuesday 10

1. How was your turkey day? Ours was good, new memories were made, some good, some not so good? Let's start with the good, shall we? We did something different this year and went with Charles' family out of town-ish. It was only about an hr away which seems far but when you live where we live, everything is far. Anywho, I had never been to his great-uncle's home, I was due for some in-law time. He lives on a farm, so I was right at home. Kaleb had plenty space to run and play in the dirt. He, of course, had no time in his busy schedule to finish his turkey plate but he did have a few bites. We knew we would be leaving daddy behind after we ate because he was headed to the deer lease for the weekend and I had to come back and work. We made it home and I was having some SERIOUS back pain and decided we both needed a nap. Kaleb and I slept until 6 p.m. and then played the rest of the evening. That was the extent of our Turkey day. I guess the memories aren't bad, per say, I could have done without the back pain though, considering this is the 4th month in a row I've felt like I was having back labor. I could make a whole 'nother post on just that. It's for the birds, man. So our/my Turkey Day might have not been the most traditional but it was indeed spent with the thing I'm most thankful for. Family. 2. I recently cleaned out/organized our pantry and learned many things about our family. First off, it's embarrassing how much food we waste. Please tell me we aren't the only family in America that does this. Secondly, my husband likes to buy stove top stuffing. We have 6 boxes of it, yet we rarely cook it. Third on the list, I buy cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup every time I go to the store because every good casserole calls for cans of soup. Fourth? Kaleb has an obscene amount of goldfish. We look like goldfish hoarders and they take up a whole shelf. And lastly, I'm not good at organizing. I changed my mind six times before I decided what I wanted on each shelf. 3. Why does Peppermint Patty look and talk like a boy but has a crush on Charlie Brown? At one point in the Thanksgiving special, Marcy even calls her "sir" but yet, her name is Priscilla. I'm afraid these are the kinda things that are confusing society. 4. Wednesday, I checked our mail. It was bills and such. Thursday, I checked our mail and there was a box of toilet seat covers. This is a true story. A travel size box of toilet seat covers on Thanksgiving Day. How am I supposed to feel about this? 5. I have to admit, when I was registering for my baby showers and saw the webcam-like baby monitors, I thought, well that's just over-the-top. Why would anyone need such a thing? I feel like, at the time, I had logical reasoning for thinking this would be useless but now, as I can hear Kaleb making a straining noise and then suddenly say, "yay!", I can't seem to remember my logical reasoning at all. Seriously though. What the hell is he doing in there?!? All I hear is "uhhhh uhhhhh uhhhhh uuuuuhhhhh uuuuhhh, *heavy breathing* uuuuhhh uuuuhhhhhh *more heavy breathing* uuuhhhhh YAY!" If, at the end of all that, there was a load in the diaper, I wouldn't worry but he just goes to sleep and all is quiet after that. I'm buying one of those damn, over-priced, video monitors this weekend. I HAVE to know. 6. Did I mention I feel like I'm having back labor for the 4th month in a row? I did? Well, you're gonna hear about it again because it effing huuuuurts. My low back hurts at random times throughout the month and I don't know what it's related to. No, I'm not pregnant. (although, I wouldn't be surprised if karma pulled one over on me for judging those ladies who went the entire 9 months without knowing they were with child...HOW is that possible though?!) So an update on this--I finally went to the doctor yesterday, correction: I went to the ER yesterday. After my boss and my doc heard my symptoms, they suggested I go ahead and get to the ER so tests can be started right away. Turns out I've had a kidney infection all this time and didn't know. Long story short, it explains a lot of the pains I've been having and after 10 days of meds, I should be like new. *thankful* #waitedtoolongtoseetheDr 7. Can I get a "gig 'em aggies"? Everyone thought moving to the SEC was a bad idea but turns out, it was a great choice! Way to go ags. Now I can go back to not caring about football and not knowing anything about it other than knowing what a touchdown is. :) 8. I stayed up until 12:30 a.m. on Saturday, watching Finding Nemo. By myself. I've reached a new low. Side note: Dory is the funniest damn fish that ever lived. "I wish I could speak whale." 9. From Thanksgiving Thursday to Cyber Monday I received no less than 78 sale emails from Toys 'R' Us. This is what Christmas has come to. I saw a really good tweet on Friday and it said, "One day we're all thankful for family and things we have, less than 12 hrs later, we're fighting with people for things we don't have." #1stworld 10. I know I'm way behind in times, but holy hell, This shit is real. I'm not fancy enough to have photoshop but I "found" this site (only after I heard 96 bloggers talking about it) and it's a photo editing savior. I love it. Easy to use, whitens teeth, gives you a spray tan and lets you add text to photos. Getcha some.

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