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Tuesday's 10

1. You know how when people say their house is a mess and then you go there and it's actually clean? Yeah, that's not me. When I say, "oh please excuse the mess", I really mean, "please excuse this tornado that came through our house." 2. So, I'm a little sad. I'm surfing Pinterest less. First off, HATE the updated app. What the hell were they thinking? The other way was much more user friendly. Secondly, I feel like I've seen everything. I've seen and pinned more recipes than one could make in a life time, with that said, I RARELY have time to cook. I've seen every genius invention, idea, household storage, laundry room organizer out there. THAT said, I've only actually done like 2 of those things and when I ask my husband to build something, he tells me to get off pinterest. I'm nowhere near saying, "I'm over it" because I'm def not...I guess I just feel like I've seen what it has to offer and I pinned enough things for the next 20 years. If I were retired with nothing else to do, I'd totally be all over it. What are the chances Pinterest will still be around in 25 years?? How about I print a picture of all my pins and make a book. LOL, how 1997 is that? 3. I'm about to get all "holy roller" on ya, so consider yourself warned. The husband and I have been throwing around the idea of another kid. As most of you know, it took us a while to get preggo with Kman. It wasn't like years or anything, but, it was time consuming. It was stressful, it was rollercoaster-ish, it was probably one of the most tiring times of our marriage, thus far. No matter how many people told me to "stop trying so hard" or not to stress b/c it would "just happen", I didn't believe them. I also totally failed as a Christian. I could NOT put my faith in God. Granted, I prayed like it was going out of style but I knew I wasn't fully trusting Him like I should have. Alllll that said, this time is SO different. It's like a weight is lifted and I have total faith that God will bless us with another baby when it's time. I don't have the slightest clue when the "best time" for us will be. It could be next month and it could be 2 years from now. Whichever, I will be so happy! I'd love nothing more than to be blessed with another baby but I don't want to be the one to make the choice of when. I know this whole #3 sounds so lame and so, 'they are totally gonna have like 8 kids b/c they don't believe in birth control' but that isn't true. This is just the way we've been feeling lately and I wanted to share. There is no reason we should be ashamed to share our beliefs with others. (also, I know I have very few readers and hardly anyone ever comments so I think I'm pretty safe as far as 'haters' go, lol). Okay, I'm done. 4. I'm what they call a "BoyMom". Usually this applies to those with multiple boys (and no girls), but I'm totally using that title for my life right now. Said BoyMom is still getting used to it, too. I watch Kaleb play with his trucks, tractors and cars and I think, "how is that fun??" Why is it fun to crawl on your hands and knees, pushing a tractor and making the bbbbrrrrrmmmm sound? Or why is it fun to push a car back and forth on the coffee table? I just don't get it. Even though I don't get it, I'm beyond thrilled to watch my little guy play with such enthusiasm. 5. Are you really that shocked you aren't getting a full nights sleep when your second baby is less than 7 days old? Seriously? Get over it and find something new to complain about on FB. 6. So school is back in full swing and currently that only means 1 thing to me, no more speeding through school zones. Damnit. 7. Fact: I'm burned the eff out. Yesterday the husband said, "we didn't go anywhere this year, did we?" Me: "ummmm no, and are you JUST now realizing this?" Him: "yeah. I hadn't thought about it until now. Why DIDN'T we go anywhere?" Me: "beeeeecause you got a new job and couldn't take vacation" Him: "oh. that's the only reason?" Me: "yep and that's about to change. Even if Kaleb and I have to go alone, we are getting away." I haven't had any days off in a row in a long time. It's wearing on my nerves. I don't really wanna go without the hubs but man, I so need to get away. I like posting things like this because they seem to come to fruition sooner if I "write" them down. :) 8. I took Kaleb to get his ears looked at yesterday. It was just a check up with his tubes. Everything looked great and hopefully by spring next year, they will have worked their way out and he can get some swim time in. Also? We drove into Austin, which took an hr, for a 90 sec appointment. Good. 9. Anyone else ever feel like they are babysitting in your workplace? I feel like that today. I'm babysitting folks that are making 6-figure salaries. It's a good day. 10. Even though I'm a little late with this idea, I believe it is genius. I want peeeps to know my banners and the likes, aren't just for parties. I want to make stuff for teachers and their classrooms. How fun would that be?!? If you're a teacher, be watching the PaisleysAndPoppies page for details!

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