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Linking up--"So What Wednesday!"

If you can't tell yet, I love these weekly themed posts!! I'm linking up this week with Life After I Dew and posting my very own "SO WHAT! if..." * ...I procrastinate another day on work items? They will def still be there tomorrow. * ...I'm sad that Emily picked her man and the bachelorette has come to an end? * ...I'm not the greatest house-keeper/cleaner in the world? Not everyone can be blessed with OCD. * ...we haven't been on a real vacation this summer? We are just as happy sitting at home. Ok, maybe. * ...when I wake up, the first thing I think about is when will I be able to nap? Never? Ok, I better get a starbucks. * ... I feel like it's mandatory to go to Hobby Lobby every week? (what? they change their sales every week.) * ...I'm the only one not really THAT interested in the olympics? I feel better. And justified.

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