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Melting my Heart

So I wanted to blog about this mostly for myself to look back on and remember. (I may need this post when we hit the 'terrible whenevers') So on a typical night, Kaleb doesn't need a lot before bed time. A bottle, a book read and that's pretty much it. (yes, we are still on the bottle). He doesn't really care about being held or being rocked. I know for the most part it's a good thing that he can get himself to sleep but there are times I really wish he would like to be held or cuddled. ANYWHO, last night, something was wrong with my little guy. Not sure what, it could have just been the fact he wasn't all that tired. We did the regular routine and all seemed fine. After I put him down I always go take a shower and 9 times out of 10 he is always asleep by the time I get out. Not last night. Last night he was crying so hard! I felt so bad for him. I usually never go in there because I know he is just minutes from falling asleep. I decided I better check on him and see what was up. Turns out he had taken off his diaper and dropped his blankie on the floor. :-/ I scooped him up, in the dark, and put on another diaper. We sat in the rocking chair (I still had not said anything to him) and I tried to get him to fall asleep. He laid his head down on my shoulder for a second, then picked it back up, looked at me and leaned in, mouth wide open, for a kiss. It was THE SWEETEST thing he has ever done! We have taught him how to give "kiss kiss" but he is EXTREMLY stingy with them. He only gives them when he wants. It may sound crazy but it makes me think he really knows they mean something special and he isn't gonna give them out to just anyone at any time. So he totally melted me last night. I felt like he really appriciated the fact I came in there to rescue him from whatever it was that was keeping him from sleep. I love that little boy more than I thought possible. He has the kindest heart. <3 (P.S. the rocking still didn't work after an hr but he DID give me a couple more kisses) #wortheverysecond

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