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Tuesday's 10

I'm changing up Tuesday's 10 a little and adding a few pictures. Let me know if you like it the new way or the old way!

1. I have been banned from buying toilet paper for the family. When the husband was without j-o-b, I was always looking for different ways to save money, that included cheaper toilet paper. The first time the off-brand dollar store paper was used, I was harshly scolded. "We can save money other ways, do NOT buy cheap toilet paper!" We have the cheap stuff in the guest bathroom and it is SLOWLY being used. So on Sunday, we were having a nice family evening drive home and the husband said we needed TP for his bathroom. I said, "I'll stop at the DS and grab some." He said, GET SOMETHING GOOD...LIKE CHARMIN." I said, "ok". I run in and run out with new name-brand TP, I get to the car and he says, "What the ... is Charmin Basic????" .....crickets.....

Can you see the tare in the photo below? Said husband ripped it open in the car, felt of it and it did not meet the standards. We made another TP stop and HE went inside to purchase what he wanted. I was very giggly about the whole thing, and was pumped when I realized I had a #1 for Tuesday's 10! ;)

2. Speaking of the husband, he initiated an interesting conversation with me on Sunday night, one that was ended very quickly by me. Let me give you a little background. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, I get up with Kaleb. Even if he tells me, “I’ll get up with him, he either lets him cry for 30 min (which drives me nuts) or when he does get him, they are so loud I can’t sleep as it is. Basically, the end result is I NEVER get to sleep in. As you know from all my previous posts, I’ve been really busy. REALLY BUSY. If I’m not doing makeup for a wedding, I’m making party invitations/décor/selling things on Etsy. All of this is my choice, I understand that, and don’t get me wrong, I’ve been so excited about it!! Saturday was the open house I attended. I left the house at 10 and finished at 330. Charles stayed with Kaleb during that time. Sunday rolled around and I was POOPED. Kaleb had woken up at 6:45 a.m. and even though we stayed at home all day, I was still so tired. When he went down for his afternoon nap, so did I. GREAT NAP. Loved my sleepy time. Sunday evening, as we were all getting ready for bed, Charles makes this statement: “Are you glad I let you take a nap today?” ***Silence*** I say, “Excuse me? Am I glad you LET me take a nap?” “Yeah.” Oh husband…you messed UP with that statement. I replied with, “Are YOU glad I let YOU sleep in every weekend morning???” He didn’t say much after that except kinda laughed and tried to act like he was kidding. Why do men say things like this? Why do they feel like they need to be recognized for doing basically nothing? Not only do we need to care for our children and keep up the household but now we need to stroke our husbands and let them know we appreciate what they “do.” No. You are part of this marriage and you are also a parent. Does he say thank you to me for washing the dishes, grocery shopping, washing clothes, giving the baby a bath, paying the bills, cleaning, ect ect? No. Do I expect him to say thank you? No, not usually. These are all things that are part of sharing a household and being parents together. I didn’t sign up for single mom-ness. (And just a side note to this, I want to point out that I do love my husband and he is a wonderful person but there are times when we all mess up and I’m totally not afraid to put both sides out there. I feel like a lot of females only post the GREAT parts about their husband b/c they are afraid to admit that they are just like every other man. Let’s get real ladies, we love them but DAMN they are hard to live with!!!)

3. I’m sorry for such a long #2, it just HAD to be said. So Paisleys and Poppies set up at the open house!! Woot Woot! My first open house was pretty successful! At first I thought it was going to be a bust but at the end of the day, I ended up with 3 orders and selling a set of my magnets. Oh! And passed out quite a few cards! My first order was the most interesting…a man approached my table, asked what I sold and I told him invitations and party décor. Without skipping a beat he said, my dogs, Jake and Bella, are turning 3 in December and I would like to have invitations for their party. I was like, “…..ok…”. I was totally pumped though. A DOG’S PARTY!! I have several months to come up with a design but I’m sure it’ll be REALLY cute! My other 2 orders will both be a new design for me as well. An elegant sweet 16 and then a “Tangled Rapunzel” theme. I already have all 3 ideas brewing in my head but I wanted to take a little break before I jump in.

4. Another new design theme P&P is working on:

Consider this a sneak peek! ;)

5. No work for me on Wednesday!!!! So excited about that!! It’s the small things that make me excited about my birthday…Sleeping in, no work, cookie cake, and simply being SO blessed with such an awesome life! I know I was in a major funk a few months back and I apologize to those of you who had to whiteness this. I was ungrateful and unhappy. Things are so much better now and I would like to say, “thanks” to you if you are still my friend! Hit me up when you are down and out and I promise to stand by you! J

6. Signs from The Big Guy: yesterday was an eye opener. I’ve been a little concerned about Kaleb’s growth or lack thereof. He only gained a little over 1lb between his 9 month check and his 12 month check. He is still in the 60th% for height and weight so the Doc didn’t seem to be really concerned. I’m not really either but it def is in the back of my mind and it does bother me from time to time. More so than his sz bothering me, also the fact that he doesn’t eat regularly bothers me. One week he will eat everything we offer him, the next week he shakes his head at everything. It’s really frustrating to all involved, including Kaleb. So yesterday, I’m in HEB buying toddler formula to supplement the days he won’t eat and I’m in the checkout when I notice the little guy and his parents in front of me. The “baby” is riding in the cart like a big boy and he is acting about the same age as Kaleb. Waving, smiling, “talking”, the whole bit. I notice though he is REALLY small. His head looks really small, his legs are SKINNY, and I can tell he isn’t very tall. After talking to the mom a bit she said he was actually 9lbs when he was born but a few months back he just stopped growing. He was 10mnths and weighed 15lbs. 15!! Kaleb weighed 23 at 9 months. This was a shock to me. She said he eats really well but just isn’t growing. This made me feel better! Immediately after, I was in Jason’s deli where I spotted another “baby” and me being me, I of course started talking to him. He was only 9 months old and looked like he was 18months. This kid was HUGE! I was friendly and then left. It hit me like a ton of bricks. God was shoving it in my face….every kid is DIFFERENT and be thankful for Kaleb just the way he is and stop worrying. I know he is healthy and I know we won’t let him starve. He is perfect and I love his little 60th% body! =) Thank you, Lord, for that slap in the face. I needed it!

7. What do you think of my new organization?! It’s a big paper rack, just like they have in the stores. Heavy Duty. Holds 100 sheets of paper per slot. I’M IN LOVE. I can see my paper sooo much better! I was buying paper left and right and then not realizing I already had something similar. My craft area is all kinds of organized now!

8. Have I mentioned my boss is out of town and I’m loving it!! He left at the end of May and won’t be back till June 20. Oh how I wish he would stay away longer!

9. Water aerobics tonight!!!!! I’m so there!! It rained. :(

10. What do you do when there is someone in your life who likes you but you REALLY can’t stand to be around them? This person is nice to me and has actually done some things for me but I just can’t bring myself to tolerate his/her presence. It’s not that I find them annoying per say, just mentally exhausting!! They always have drama and everything is always a big deal. It’s actually exhausting. At this current time I’m around them a lot more than I would like to be and there really isn’t anything I can do to change it. I have cried b/c of this person and I have had multiple headaches b/c of this person but at the same time I have learned b/c of them and probably even benefited a time or 2 from them being in my life. I know God places people around for a reason and I’m sure I’m supposed to be taught a lesson here, I just hope my lesson is almost finished and we can all move on. (and I hope there isn’t anyone that feels this way about me!)

Was this like the longest Tuesday 10 ever?? I may have split some of these up into their own posts...bless you if you made it through all ten!

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