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Tuesday's 10...errrr....8?

Well our anniversary night went well. We did have Mexican food as discussed and we saw a movie as well. The only thing showing at the time that worked beset for us was, Mirror Mirror. Not the best movie, not something I would buy on DVD but I WILL say, it had some great costumes and makeup. For all you theater junkies and to all the folks I did theater makeup with, in college, there is really some great old age makeup.

EVERY.MONDAY.MORNING. my boss says, “Welcome to Monday!!” and EVERY.MONDAY.MORNING I want to punch him in the face. Why is he so excited about Mondays? Welcome me to Friday…I’d be much less likely to punch you.

I did it! I opened/created an Etsy account! Paisleys&Poppies is the store name. I haven’t advertised it yet b/c I’m waiting on a “store front” to be made. There is a lady who is working on it for me. I have high hopes she will make it pretty and make it look like a real business. Also, I’m working on building my inventory. I’m so excited about this! I’ll let everyone know when I’m ready to get the word out! Wish me luck! J

Kaleb is getting some 1 on 1 Grandpa time this week. My mom is house sitting in Gtown (she is the one who takes him to the sitter every day) so since she is out of commission, my dad is dropping him off. When I leave K w/ him, he is supposed to wait about 30 min before he takes him over but this morning he went straight from my car to grandpa’s car. LOL I think my dad is a little nervous about taking him in the house and being alone with him. What is the worst that can happen?! He MIGHT poop but more than likely not and he already has a bottle made. Sigh. I love my parents and am SO thankful they are around to help!! J

Spring time means wedding time! Between this weekend and the end of May I’m booked to do makeup for 3 weddings. I foresee a trip to Sephora in my future. I won’t complain about that!

Tomorrow is Administrative Professionals Day. Someone decided us secretaries needed a fancier name so they changed it. However, I did receive flowers already from my boss’s boss! His wife is very good at remembering these things and she has great taste in flowers! This is the boss I like! ;)

I’m past due a mani/pedi! What places are open on Sundays?! I feel like that’s the only days I can ever get time to go!

Apparently 10 updates every week is too many for me to come up with. My life is borning??

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