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ENT Surgery...with his Blankie!

Kaleb was having back-to-back ear infections so our only option was tubes.

They wanted us there at 6:30 a.m. and he couldn't have anything to eat or drink past midnight. He didn't mind at first not having his bottle but the longer we waited, the more impatient he got. They finally took him back at 7:55. Kaleb was allowed to take his blankie and his giraffe with him. I told them his blankie was a MUST! They told us we would wait about an hr but within 25 min, the surgeon was coming out.

He said everything went smoothly and he went ahead and took his adenoids out as well. He said they should have been .5 inch but his were 1.5 inches. :( He said they were more likely causing the ear infections and his choking while he ate regular food. Pretty soon after we spoke to the surgeon, a nurse brought Kaleb to us. He was pretty out of it but he was holding onto his blankie. She said she was glad she had it to give him b/c he took it right away. :)

We were able to head home shortly after where we endured a LONG afternoon. When Kaleb wasn't sleeping, he was whining or crying. It seemed like the harder he cried, the more it hurt. Poor guy. I felt so bad for him. By about 7 p.m. he seemed to be a little more like himself. He was happier and was wanting to play. He had a good night over-all. Granna is staying with him today, we will see how the day goes! I hope this fixes our problems!

Poor guy doesn't have a clue what he is in for. He was just excited about toys to play with!

This was right after they brought him to me. He's not so sure.

Swollen the next morning but very happy! :)

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