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Seeing the bright side...

This blog is mostly for my benefit so I can look back and try to see the good in things. I'm still struggling a bit with having to go back to work. It seems like the evenings roll around and as I'm packing K's bag for Ms. Becky's, I get more and more mad that I have to go to work the next day. After I get there, it's not so bad. Yesterday was Labor Day and I was SOO thankful and happy to have an extra day off with my little man!! We first woke up to no AC, I guess it went out over night. We all woke up feeling a little sticky but thankfully we opened the doors to a wonderful feeling breeze!! Thank you, Lord for letting out AC go out on the coolest day of the summer. We were ready to have a little time out of the house and wanted to enjoy the awesome weather so we went and had lunch with our favorite Tschoerner's. :) Kaleb of course slept through lunch but we got to love on Caden, it was a good visit. Later that afternoon at home, I was playing with my K man and he saw his feet for the first time!! It was the cutest thing ever! He wiggled his toes and then opened his mouth, ready to get a taste of his new discovery! He wasn't impressed with the taste (anything that isn't his milk, he doesn't want) but he sure thought it was funny to see his toes moving around. Yet again, thankful I was home to see one of his firsts! He had another first, he rolled over!! Technically, this is his second time but I'm pretty sure the first time was an accident since he was only 6 weeks old. Yesterday was no accident! He started rocking on his side and then before he knew it, there he was on his belly! :) I was a proud Mommy! The last but not least memorable moment of yesterday was, he actually laughed! He has been on the verge before but this was a real belly laugh. It was too cute and he made my mood go sky high! He was just sitting in the bumbo chair watching me wash bottles and when I looked over at him, something made him giggle and then he couldn't stop. So even though our AC went out (and is getting repaired as we speak) it was a great day! I hate to have to go back to work today but I sure am thankful for my extra day off to see my little man experience some exciting things!

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