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36 weeks and pissy

Poppy and I have made it together for 36 weeks now. I think we have a good relationship so far. He wakes around 7:45 and visits with me for a couple hours while I have breakfast and then it’s time for his nap. He then lets me know when it’s lunch and dinner time; every now and then we enjoy an afternoon ice-cream sandwich. Okay, so we REALLY enjoy that. The cold wakes us both up, whether it be from actual sleep or just day-dreaming. J We have a great little schedule that we can both agree on. When he knocks, I eat. After I eat, he sleeps. After work, we visit and eat with daddy and then when Poppy hears us praying, he knows it’s time to sleep.

As much as I love our schedule, I think he loves it even more. We had an appt. yesterday and there is no sign that he is ready to come out. I have not dilated and I have not had any contractions (that I know of). I know I’m jumping the gun because I do still have 4 weeks left but I’m getting anxious. I can only imagine what I will be like come June 1st. Beware. So other than no progress, the appt. was good. The doctor is still really pleased with my thus far “text book pregnancy.” BP remains steady, weight gain is minimal and swelling is normal. Everyone is asking me, “how big is he gonna be?!?” We ask the doctor that as well and she said it’s actually hard to tell because I’m so tall and he has the potential to be pretty big without us knowing/without my belly getting huge…which could also be the reason for him wanting to stay in there. “Why should I come out? Mom has plenty room in here for me to keep growing….”

So apparently being in your 9th month of pregnancy means you have fewer nerves and little to no patience. I am irritated with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! Charles is of course getting the worst of it but in my defense, he shouldn’t be picking on me!! He should filter everything he says or just not talk at all. I would be perfectly ok with little to no words. If you don’t want to get your head bitten off, don’t say things to get a rise out of me. It will probably not make me laugh or make me want to joke back. I’m annoyed at work, at the grocery store, in the heat, just about anywhere you can think of. Yesterday at Home Depot there was a lady who stopped me in the sun to interview me about the insulation of our home. She wanted to know about our electric bills, the size of our house and the age. She then continued to tell me how she could have someone look at our insulation and have it improved…seriously lady?! I’m clearly pregnant, wearing black dress clothes, and you have stopped me in a parking lot to ask me about insulation?!? It took everything I had to remain calm. My trips out in public are going to become limited the closer I get. Thank you, Lord for not making me go the ENTIRE summer being pregnant. You are good to me.

So for now, I’m still drinking my obscene amount of water, still working (until May 27th) and still being pissy. I’m not here to offend others, I hope everyone can disregard anything rude I say and don’t take it personally. Until next time….

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