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Packin' his bags???

Between 7:45 and 8 a.m. Mr. Poppy must start packing his bags, getting ready to come out. Every morning he is such a busy body!! So many times I want to look in at him to see exactly what he is up to. I know his head is down and his little butt is right between the top of my rib cages, so that would make his legs bunched up somewhere close to my ribs?? I’ll be sitting at my desk first thing in the morning and my whole left side and stomach starts moving and shaking and stays that way until 11:00 sometimes!! I’m amazed at how much he moves and more importantly, where is he moving to?! We are about out of room, buddy!

I’m wondering if he is starting to be awake more often or is it that he is so big, I can feel every little move he makes? Either way, it’s still pretty neat. You know you aren’t ever alone.

We had our 34 week appt the other day. Poppy and mommy both had great reports! He seemed to be growing (obviously, have you seen my belly lately?) and she couldn’t get a good count on his heartbeat b/c he would not be still. She said, “I never worry about a baby who I have to chase around!” Due to my stomach bug, I lost a little more weight than what she wanted to see but it was understandable. My blood pressure was good…I blame that on Charles NOT being there this time. My BP is always a little high and I think it’s because he makes me nervous. No more dr. appts for him! ;) I asked what she thought he might weigh and her words were, "Given your height and his measurements, I wouldn't be surprised if he's close to 6 lbs." I love how calmly she said b/c In my mind I was a little freaked! We still have 5 weeks to go with him gaining weight every. single. day. Eeekkk!

She said next time (36 weeks) she will be doing a more thorough exam…like checking to see if I have dilated. Scary? No. Make it seem more real? YES! He will be here before I know it!

My sweating episodes are totally out of hand. It’s pretty ridiculous and a little bit embarrassing. The air in our house is set on 72 at night and then I run the ceiling fan…and sleep with zero covers. I have woken up completely sweated the past few nights. I hate this part. I can’t get dressed without sweating. I can’t walk to my office without sweating. I hope this goes away, although, I have seen where it doesn’t. It was like 60 degrees outside last night, I slept with my windows open. It was fabulous. I was a happy camper this morning when I came to work. I have not sweated today, yet.

Side note: Despite all my complaining, I really do love my Poppy and am so grateful I was able to get pregnant! I just can’t wait until he is here. J

Baby showers this weekend!!!! Yay!!

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