May 28, 2014

Oh my sweet, sweet boy! What a year it's been.  It just doesn't seem like a whole year ago we were celebrating at your tractor themed party and it absolutely doesn't seem like 3 years ago you made me a mother.  Time has flown by so fast, but somehow, at the same time, thr...

May 27, 2014

Warning: tooting lots of horns in this post 

I can honestly say, I think Kaleb had THE most legit Airplane Birthday Party that's ever been. I won't bore you with a lot of text in this post but I will say a few things about the party.

1. I couldn't have done it alone.  My aw...

May 20, 2014

{1} So sucks when your image of someone is ruined with just 1 conversation.

{2} Sometimes, when I need to make a Hobby Lobby trip, I go at 7p.m., knowing they close at 8.  This allows me minimal time to shop for stuff I don't need.  Self discipline my friends.


May 13, 2014

1. You know what I find odd? Life. It's so weird all of the time. 

2. Large Rant:
I'm tired of fake people on social media.  You're life isn't really that perfect and we all know it, so stop. Just stop.  Maybe read some of my shit on this blog and you'll see that it's ok...

May 5, 2014

1. After some fairly persistent shoves, my kid finally discovered he does actually love ChickFila and I couldn't be happier.

2. Why is it that every time I start this hard-core mommy boot camp regarding the sleep training, God says, "oh that's a funny plan, Samantha"? Some...

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