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February 28, 2013

Remember this post?  Most of you probably don't remember because it was only like the third or fourth post on this little blog and let's face it, I only had one reader at the time. 

So if you don't feel like reading the old post, here's a very short recap for y...

February 26, 2013

How much do we love my new blog design?!? So much!!!! If you are viewing this on your phone, please take a couple minutes to check it out on a computer.  The famous Becca Paro worked her magic again and made my page beautiful! You should be jealous that I know her, she's...

February 20, 2013

Tonight, the hubs offered to start Kaleb's bath. When I walk into the bathroom, I see this.

 My baby will be attending daycare smelling like a grown ass man tomorrow. I'm raising 2 boys, yo.

February 19, 2013

1. You guys?  We are screwed.  Life as we know it, is over.  Kaleb is crawling out of his crib.  Homeboy showed up in our bedroom Monday morning saying, "Momma nigh night?" Scared the shit out of me.  Then for his nap, I shut his door completely and then heard him knockin...

February 15, 2013

Coming to you a day late, I know. 

If you are an IG follower you've seen some of these pictures.  Guess what?  You get to see them again. :)

It's probably not a secret anymore, I work at a hospital.  A few weeks ago I was asked to help coordinate 10 bus loads of ki...

February 12, 2013

1. You know I have to say something about the Bachelor. First off, flippin love Des! She is too cute.  I also equally love AshLee. I feel like they'll be the last two standing and I'd be happy with either.  If he doesn't pick Des, she would make a great next Bachelorette!...

February 5, 2013

Living with a husband, a toddler and a dog, I've noticed the strangest things coming out of my mouth...here are the top 10!

1. We don't eat sticks...or Molly's rawhide.

2. Kaleb! Do not stick your finger in the dogs eye!

3. Kaleb, we do not pee and poop in mommy's clos...

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