October 30, 2012

1. Dear Taco Cabana, please make your food taste like shit so I won't eat there.  Thanks.

2. Is it weird that one of my Bucket List items would be to put a message in a bottle and send it off? 

3. Everyone's all about Taylor Swift's new album right now. I feel like she's s...

October 29, 2012

Happy 17 months sweet boy!

Kaleb is getting more and more independent.  He doesn't want help doing ANYTHING.  He wants to discover EVERYTHING.   Much like the photo below where he discovered the water thingy on the fridge. Good times. God bless the fact there's a lock on i...

October 24, 2012

I'm no photographer and I don't have a fancy camera but I did the best I could! Kaleb was just on the road to feeling better and it was our first time out of the house. Other than, of course, our trip to the dollar store for ice cream. :)  I was determined to get him to s...

October 23, 2012

1.  Don't ever buy mascara that says it has "fiber extensions" in it.  Those fun fibers will fall into your eyes 26 times a day and by the end of the day? You'll have no eye makeup left on your eye. Because I'm cheap like that, I plan to finish the tube, but be sure to kn...

October 16, 2012

1. If you're over 45, sitting at the nail salon, talking to your friend about how drunk you got at the bar Wednesday night, you can bet your ass, you are, in fact, being judged.  Try staying at home with you're kids.

2. It's comical to me that when we actually "laugh...

October 9, 2012

Welp, since I'm "THAT" mom again and missed the 16 month update, I decided to make this Tuesday all about Kaleb! After all, he is the reason I started this blog and I've slowly gotten away from making it about him.  He forgives me, though. :)

1.  So for a long time, like...

October 4, 2012

Hi all! Not sure about anyone else, but this week has been way too long for me! It's been brutal, so I thought we could all use a little harmless laughter on this Thursday! :)

No explination needed.  Men are all the same.  Every woman you talk to has some of the same com...

October 2, 2012

It's true.  In the past 19 years, I've had my moments.  Moments where I had a pity party.  Moments of poor me.  Moments where I gave up because I believed I couldn't do it or didn't want to try.  Moments when all I could do was think about that horrific day and wonder why...

October 2, 2012

1. You say you're "electronically challenged"? That should be the least of your worries. While we're discussing challenges, lets talk about your hair or the clothes you wore to work or the fact you get paid a crap load of money and you don't know when your own meeting is...

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