It's been 19 years and I have a Hero, part 5

The real hero is always a hero by mistake. <------ Truth. The time has come for me to tell you all about "Military Boots". Who was this mystery man and where did he come from? Was he medical personnel? Did someone order him to help? Was it his job? The answer to all these questions will amaze you. I'm going to do the best I can to write this from his perspective. Pretend this is him telling the story. "It was a normal Tuesday afternoon. I finished up work and was headed to pick my daughter up for golf practice. I was driving along the interstate when I saw sparks. They were coming from a school bus that was flipped on it's side, skidding down the road. Without thinking, I pull

It's been 19 years, part 4

I've been looking at this blank post for a couple days. Much longer than I intended to or wanted to. I have no idea where to start. The other three posts were "easy" because they were simply telling a factual story, from memory. I find this post more difficult because I'm dealing with my feelings and well, basically the last 19 years of my life. Side note: I'm still trying to make it interesting and I have no idea what my committed readers wanna hear next. #1 problem for writers. :) Just like when I started this journey of storytelling, I have no idea where my heart will take me today. It might take me down a lengthy road and require me to make this an ongoing story or I might jus

Tuesday 10

Happy Tuesday!! It's been a great 7 days since my last Tuesday post...hope everyone had a great weekend and has a productive week! 1. School fundraisers are in full swing. Get your checkbooks ready to purchase your pre-made cookie dough, wrapping paper, popcorn and random chocolate dipped items. 2. Kaleb has officially had his first happy meal. Cheap toy and all. It went well. He ate all of his chicken nuggest and fries. (I had no idea the fry content was so small in a Mickey D's happy meal, not complaing, just surprised) (clearly I've never bought a HM before) 3. Dear salted caramel mocha frapp, please, let's continue this love affair, well into the winter and spring. I don't ca

It's been 19 years, part 3

September 28th, 1993, at ten years of age, I became a right arm amputee. Just above the elbow, I lost my dominant arm. There was no saving it. It was crushed to pieces. There was minimal skin left. The nerves were damaged beyond repair. From my parents perspective: about an hour into the operation, the surgeon came out to the waiting room. (remember, it had only been a little over an hour that my parents went from thinking their daughter broke her arm to being shocked with the truth that she would be changed forever) The surgeon came out with a couple options. "I can TRY to save her arm. Saving it will mean many many more reconstructive operations in her future without being able to promi

It's been 19 years, part 2

Broken glass. Yellow stripes on the road. Empty window pain. These were the only things I could see. My body was positioned to where I was basically laying on my right side. The right side of my face was laying flat on the road. The school bus was on its side and I was in between it and the road. Half of me was "out" of the bus and the bottom half was technically still "in" the bus. One would think my most vivid memories would be, what I was feeling physically. Not true. My most vivid memories were what I saw and what I was hearing. Military pants, tucked into military boots. The window pain and the broken glass were no longer the only thing to focus on. A man's voice was coming from

It's been 19 years, I think it's time to write about it -part1

I remember the night before, packing up my fanny pack with cassette tapes, a Walkman, and candy. Being in 5th grade and being eligible to play on the volleyball team at your tiny, little, private, Christian school makes a 10yr old feel pretty grown up. You get to ride the school bus with the rest of your team and the flag football players, what could be better? Little did I know, that next day would turn my world upside down and change my life forever. Forever. Our little, no good, volleyball team lost that game. We mostly didn't care because frankly, we still felt cool. We got to leave school early, ride the bus into Austin, meet new kids, and hang out on a school night. We were def mor

Tuesday's 10

1. I bet you anything there's a prerequisite to work the morning shift at starbucks. It includes: must be extra jolly; cannot have any record of ever suffering from depression; must be a morning person and vocabulary must include words like 'yummy' and 'scrumptious'. 2. It's bad business to not reply to someone who wants to order from you. 1-2 days are acceptable, a week isn't. Make it part of your work schedule to answer emails. 3. Mmmmm rainy day naps. 4. Grrrrr waking up to find that your roof/ceiling is leaking. 5. Is it normal to feel like you're telling your toddler, "no" about 90% of the time? I feel it's important to his health to keep him out of the trashcan, away from the

Tuesday 10

1. So I didn't realize half-ass crafting would boil my blood, but looks like it does! Fair warning to you. 2. The people who say, "I can sleep when I die" are stupid. They are stupid, stupid people who clearly never had kids. Or a spouse. Or a life. 3. Why are men so weird? The hubs had some really good news to tell me, in which, if I had equally good news, I would have told him right then. He waited a week to tell me and when he finally did, he said, "ohbytheway, I have good news." MEN! 4. I have never been nor will I ever be okay with people calling their unborn Child a parasite. God is giving you a BLESSING not a leech or some type of bacteria. Look up parasite on Wikipedia the

Sleep is sooo NOT over-rated, just so you know.

I re-claiming my marriage, one night at a time. Remember this post? I was more than thrilled that weekend when Charles and I got to sleep in separate beds. It was a dream come true. I was 8 months pregnant and sleeping was clearly far more important than anything else that anniversary weekend. I'm not proud to admit, we have been sleeping in separate beds since that weekend. Kaleb is over a year old. I know, this is way sad. Before you get all judgmental on me, in my defense, I'm a SUPER light sleeper and he is a SUPER loud snorer. Not only does he snore, he talks in his sleep. It drives me bananas. (The only way it is possible for me to sleep through the night is if I use ear pl

Cotton Farmer

Since Kaleb has become quite attached to his Grandpa and everything his Grandpa does, I wanted to get some pictures of him in the cotton fields during harvest. I contacted my dear friend over at Crazy Dreams Photography and she graciously agreed to get down and dirty with us! Here are a few of my favorites! If you live in the area, you should really look her up! Amy is a wonderful photographer and the thing I love about her most? She is always up for ANYTHING!! We love us some Ms. Amy!!!

Tuesday 10

1. The giveaway went so much better than I thought! So many entries and so many fans!! Thanks to everyone who participated and is helping make my little Paisleys&Poppies store a success! 2. It's dove hunting season. For the hubs, that means, arranging leases, managing all the hunters and, well, lots of bullets and shooting. For me, dove season means, lots of evenings, home alone, crafting. It's my favorite time of year. 3. It's one thing if you're using disposable diapers in order to save money, I get it. For the love of all things holy, please tell me (actually, don't tell me because I don't wanna know) why, in God's name, would a person EVER use these? (for the record, I wasn't searc

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